Sacred Kauai Retreats

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and its “mana” (sacred energy) supports those who are looking for healing, renewal, transformation and personal growth.   In alliance with Eve Hogan’s Sacred Maui Retreats, Carol Hart can help you customize a sacred Kauai retreat, designed to rejuvenate and nourish your body, heart and soul.  Your sacred Kauai retreat can include as many days as you prefer and can include a variety of healing and sacred modalities and experiences.


Engagement for Body, Mind & Spirit

Imagine starting the day with a private, beach side Yoga session, then soaking up the beauty and power of the land, followed by a transformational Energy Medicine session.  To complete your day, immerse yourself in deep relaxation and structural relief with a Mana Lomi massage.  Click here to view more sample itineraries.


In addition to offering a variety of retreat sessions, we can also assist you in scheduling other Kauai activities to continue the “retreat mindset” for the duration of your visit to the Island.

See below for more details on our Sacred Kauai Retreat experience descriptions.

Kauai sacred retreats and ceremonies
Reconnect, Awaken, Transform and Empower yourself through the experiences of a Sacred Kauai Retreat.
Polihale, Kauai
Energy Medicine Sessions on Kauai

Energy Medicine & Ecopsychology Sessions

The term “energy medicine” is derived from the ancient indigenous traditions meaning to work with the body’s wisdom and its inherent ability to heal itself. The word, “ecopsychology” comes from ecology—the organic inter-relatedness of all living beings, and our relationship with our Mother the Earth. The root word “psycho” is the Greek word for the soul—we bring the experience of growing the soul into each teaching session. The level and depth of study, participation and transformation is profound as the teachings weave together traditional methods of self-realization with contemporary issues we work with on a daily basis.   Learn more about Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology here.

Mana Lomi Massage

Mana Lomi® Massage

Mana Lomi® is a traditional form of lomilomi massage that has been passed down through generations in Hawai’i, honoring the body, mind and spirit of the individual and offering unlimited possibilities in healing. Mana Lomi® literally means “the movement of energy.” When used in conjunction with the traditional form of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology, also passed through hundreds of generations of First Nations culture, the receiver experiences healing “down to the bone,” or the soul level. The outcome, when practitioner and client work in resonance, is peace and new ways of moving forward in one’s life.  Learn more about Mana Lomi® here.

Land Medicine on Kauai

Land Medicine/Ceremony

Land Medicine is ceremony. “Ceremony opens us to experiencing universal consciousness, if we are ready for it and prepared. It has been held as a sacred vessel in which to be healed from trauma, history and disease. Ceremony also works to heal inter-dimentional relationships, such as our relationship with the earth and the elementals of the natural world such as the Devic Kingdom. This one example is experienced in ceremonial sacred land practices which heal our relationship with the destruction we have caused the earth by exploiting her with our arrogant attitudes and abuses. Ceremony also brings forth new potential, deeper cultural appreciation and an understanding that we are all paddling the same canoe.” Dr. Jane Ely from her soon to be released book The Return of Ceremony.  Learn more about Land Medicine here.

Kauai Labrynith

Labyrinth Journeys

One of our favorite “Land Medicine” locations is this sea side Labyrinth.  Labyrinth journeys offer a rich field of metaphor to the journey of life.  Learn more about Labyrinth Journeys here.

Beach front yoga

Private Beach Side Yoga Sessions

The yoga session is a co-creative relationship finding its way through the structures we call asana (postures).  Some postures are the classic forms while others ‘appear’ at the moment.  The session will be the spring board for your ability to evolve your practice after you return home.  Learn more about Yoga retreat sessions here.


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Kauai sunset

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