Sacred Kauai Retreats

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and its “mana” (sacred energy) supports those who are looking for healing, renewal, transformation and personal growth.   Carol Hart can help you customize a sacred Kauai retreat, designed to rejuvenate and nourish your body, heart and soul.  Your sacred Kauai retreat can include as many days as you prefer and can include a variety of healing and sacred modalities and experiences.


Engagement for Body, Mind & Spirit

Imagine starting the day with a private, beach side Yoga session, then soaking up the beauty and power of the land, followed by a transformational Energy Medicine session.  To complete your day, immerse yourself in deep relaxation and structural relief with a Mana Lomi massage.


In addition to offering a variety of retreat sessions, we can also assist you in scheduling other Kauai activities to continue the “retreat mindset” for the duration of your visit to the Island.

See below for more details on our Sacred Kauai Retreat experience descriptions.

Kauai sacred retreats and ceremonies
Reconnect, Awaken, Transform and Empower yourself through the experiences of a Sacred Kauai Retreat.
Polihale, Kauai

Kauai Retreats include the following experiences…

Energy Medicine Sessions on Kauai

Energy Medicine & Ecopsychology Sessions

The term “energy medicine” is derived from the ancient indigenous traditions meaning to work with the body’s wisdom and its inherent ability to heal itself. The word, “ecopsychology” comes from ecology—the organic inter-relatedness of all living beings, and our relationship with our Mother the Earth. The root word “psycho” is the Greek word for the soul—we bring the experience of growing the soul into each teaching session. The level and depth of study, participation and transformation is profound as the teachings weave together traditional methods of self-realization with contemporary issues we work with on a daily basis.   Learn more about Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology here.

Mana Lomi Massage

Mana Lomi® Massage

Mana Lomi® is a traditional form of lomilomi massage that has been passed down through generations in Hawai’i, honoring the body, mind and spirit of the individual and offering unlimited possibilities in healing. Mana Lomi® literally means “the movement of energy.” When used in conjunction with the traditional form of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology, also passed through hundreds of generations of First Nations culture, the receiver experiences healing “down to the bone,” or the soul level. The outcome, when practitioner and client work in resonance, is peace and new ways of moving forward in one’s life.  Learn more about Mana Lomi® here.

Land Medicine on Kauai

Land Medicine/Ceremony

Land Medicine is ceremony. “Ceremony opens us to experiencing universal consciousness, if we are ready for it and prepared. It has been held as a sacred vessel in which to be healed from trauma, history and disease. Ceremony also works to heal inter-dimentional relationships, such as our relationship with the earth and the elementals of the natural world such as the Devic Kingdom. This one example is experienced in ceremonial sacred land practices which heal our relationship with the destruction we have caused the earth by exploiting her with our arrogant attitudes and abuses. Ceremony also brings forth new potential, deeper cultural appreciation and an understanding that we are all paddling the same canoe.” Dr. Jane Ely from her soon to be released book The Return of Ceremony.


The “mana” or sacred energy of the land in the Hawaiian Islands is tangible and Kauai is considered the most powerful to many. Carol will join you on an outward (onto the land) and inward (into your spirit) journey, allowing you to access your soul. While there are many places to choose from, the one pictured here, with a labyrinth beside the sea, is one of our favorites.


Learn to feel the subtle (and not so subtle) energies around you while healing even the worst case of Nature Deficit Disorder.  (*you will need to rent a jeep for access to these locations)

Kauai Labrynith
The Way of the Winding Path, Eve Hogan

This book, written by my good friend Eve Hogan, provides historical information on the use of labyrinths throughout time as well as its use as a non-denominational path of self-discovery.  The labyrinth provides the perfect experiential tool for practicing: the skills of self-observation, removing obstacles to success, gaining perspective and insight choosing appropriate action.

Labyrinth Meditation & Ceremony

One of our favorite “Land Medicine” locations is this sea side Labyrinth.  Labyrinth journeys offer a rich field of metaphor to the journey of life.   Participants have the opportunity to walk the labyrinth to discover, first hand, its many beneficial attributes leading toward greater balance and harmony both internally and externally. The labyrinth has a single path that leads into the center and back out. These patterns have been found in cathedrals throughout Europe, where they have been used for centuries for gaining clarity and insight. Variations of the design and its use have been found
throughout the world.


Now, in the twenty-first century, labyrinths are being used in churches, retreat centers, community centers, schools, businesses and hospitals as a place where people can go to renew their strength and activate their creativity. By walking the pathway, they find that they are able to unwind from the stresses of their busy lifestyles and are better able to access their intuition and problem solving faculties. The labyrinth is a powerful tool for seeing situations from a new perspective and regaining peace of mind.


• Activate the creativity of your right brain
• Release stress and gain clarity
• Discover creative solutions
• Engage your concentration and focus
• Discover metaphor as a powerful teacher


Three stages of the labyrinth walk:


Letting Go– The walk into the labyrinth is a time for self-observation and a releasing of the obstacles in your life; a quieting of the mind in preparation for reaching the center.


Illumination–The center is a place of meditation and insight. Guidance is received and balance is achieved.


Union– The return walk out is a time to align with the heart path for which you feel your soul reaching and bring your renewed strength and perspective back out into the world.

Beach front yoga

Private Beach Side Yoga Sessions

Are you ready to create your own yoga practice? It may be that you have a ‘working’ knowledge of the postures but are looking for some guidance in constructing a flow. Or perhaps you always wanted to try a yoga class, but feel a little intimidated with the class scenario and just want to establish some basic knowledge.


Our yoga session is a co-creative relationship finding its way through the structures we call asana (postures).  Some postures are the classic forms while others ‘appear’ at the moment.  The session will be the spring board for your ability to evolve your practice after you return home.


Sample Kauai Retreat Itineraries

One Day Intensive Retreat Itinerary:

9-10 Orientation/interview

10:45-12 Hatha Yoga

12-1 Lunch

1-2:30 Energy Medicine

3-4:30 Mana Lomi

5-6 Closure/Integration

Two Day Retreat Itinerary

Day One
9-10 Orientation/interview

10:45-12 Hatha Yoga

12-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3 Energy Medicine

Day Two

9-12 Land Medicine

12-2 Lunch

2-3:30 Mana Lomi

4-5 Closure/Integration

Three Day Retreat Itinerary

Day One
9-10 Orientation/interview

10:45-12 Hatha Yoga

12-2 Lunch

2-3:30 Energy Medicine

Day Two

9-10:15 Hatha Yoga


11-2 Land Medicine with Picnic Lunch

3-4:30 Mana Lomi

Day Three

9-10:15 Hatha Yoga

10:30-12 Energy Medicine

12-4 Free time to explore Kaua’i and integrate experience

4-5 Closure/Exit Interview option

Kauai Retreat Practitioners

Carol HartCarol  is a dedicated practitioner in the healing arts on Kaua’i since 1993. She has been teaching Mana Lomi® workshops since 2009, and is a certified Senior Teacher for Mana Lomi Level 1, Mana Lomi Level 2 (Advanced Techniques) and Mana Lomi`ili`ili (Hawaiian hot stone therapy). She founded the Aloha Lomi Massage Academy in Lihu’e, Kaua’i in 2011 and Hart-Felt Massage and Day Spa in Waimea in 2001.  She is also a certified Advanced Healer and Instructor of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology with the Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing.  Carol offers aloha, compassion, patience, years of experience interfacing with clients who wish to change, heal and move forward. (MAT6285)

Candace is a former Mana Lomi Level 1 Instructor (2013-2016) and Endorsed Mana Lomi Practitioner since 2004. She is also a Certified Advanced Healer and Instructor of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology with the Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing. Starting with Reiki in 1999, Candace has more than 17 years of experience in the healing arts and a myriad of modalities to share. Candace has a unique ability to co-create deep inner healing, customizing each session based on the specific needs you present in that moment.  “We have all chosen to be on this planet during these amazing times. With courage and commitment, and by actively slowing down, we gain the clarity needed to follow our Soul’s longing back to Creator.”  Candace presents the essence of her Being that is connected to Source, co-creating a sacred space with and for each client to receive their highest level of healing in that moment.  (MAT 8149)

Some 25 years ago on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hatha Yoga “found” Paul.  His grounding in form and philosophy have come from the White Lotus teacher training, advanced teacher training and Thai Yoga Therapy programs.  He received his certification from master teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich and co-taught the 16-day teacher training sessions at White Lotus with fellow teacher Kent Bond before moving to Kauai in 2005.  Paul’s  yoga practice, teaching philosophy and innovative, intuitive ‘Eclectic Vinyasa’ style of Hatha Yoga are rooted in the knowing that we are all Unlimited Ideas and that the truly effective teachers are our ‘gurus’ within.

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