Energy Medicine
“The time of sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to change or be magically corrected is over.”

jane_elyDr. Jane Ely
D. Min. Spiritual Healer and Counselor




Energy Medicine

Pain, discomfort and tension are the result of trauma, stress, poor nutrition and/or imbalance. These affect not just the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Reconnect and balance your being with Energy Medicine.


Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology

The term “energy medicine” is derived from the ancient indigenous traditions meaning to work with the body’s wisdom and its inherent ability to heal itself.  The word, “ecopsychology” comes from ecology—the organic inter-relatedness of all living beings, and our relationship with our Mother the Earth. The root word “psycho” is the Greek word for the soul—we bring the experience of growing the soul into each teaching session.


Tools that Provide Support in  Challenging Times

The level and depth of study, participation and transformation is profound as the teachings weave together traditional methods of self-realization with contemporary issues we work with on a daily basis. We create a deepening of self-realization, healing conscious awareness, and intuition. As a society we are living in very challenging times, time is speeding up and the energetic shifts of the Great Mother the Earth are being accelerated. We may experience this as overwhelm or chaos around us. Our inner landscape and outer world no longer mirror each other. We are puzzled and confused about what we feel, see and hear. We need tools in order to feel supported in these challenging times.


Energy Medicine Sessions and Training

Sessions and coursework with Carol will support and nurture your whole being in order to integrate and open to the remembering of the teachings, which are embedded deep in your bones.  In Dr. Jane Ely’s first book, Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery [available from or on Amazon] she discusses soul-ular and cellular growth as being inter-related as well as methods for recovering the soul to live in balance. In her second book, Coming Into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential (which is a text for Levels 1-4 of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology), Dr. Ely provides an easy to understand path of self-realization and healing from the inside out.


Personal Healing and Transformation

Energy medicine healing requires a commitment to explore deep personal change through spiritual practices, laying-on-of-hands, energy healing techniques and other practices which all support true lasting change for the individual. Working directly with the human energy field moves blocked patterns in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This type of internal work helps a patient make behavioral and life-style changes that aid in their personal healing and transformation.


Energy Medicine & Ecopsychology

The course work, which requires a commitment of one year at a time for four years, dives even more deeply into exploring the inner landscape, the human energy field, the Medicine Wheel of Life, healing, the elementals, self response-ability, and much, much more.

``After the loss of my husband, I coped by shutting down all of my emotions and lived life by just going through the motions. Carol, through her compassionate, caring worked has helped me rediscover myself. I've been walking around in this body for over 50 years without ever really knowing it. My awareness and the connection between my mind, body, and spirit has been enriched through my sessions with Carol. She has a gifted way of guiding me down the paths I need to travel, all the while leaving me in the driver's seat. I am truly grateful for the growth and healing I have achieved while working with her.`` -Mary
``What a great role model you are for me! Your message is strong, steadfast, filled with strength and integrity. `` - Pat