Living healthy and conflict-free requires effort.  We can move ahead by learning to clear our cords to ill feelings and wrong-doings related to events in our present time as well as those that occurred in previous generations.  We can refuse victim consciousness and adopt instead, the consciousness of health, harmony, balance and love.  Previous negative experiences need not prevent us from experiencing goodness.
Dr. Maka`ala Yates, D.C.

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Peace & Harmony

Ho’oponopono is the answer to bringing peace, harmony, balance, wisdom, and love into one’s life and ultimately the community, society, the world, and the universe. Meditation and ceremony are the keys to ho’oponopono because they can increase and refine the receptivity of the Divine consciousness within all things to obtain and maintain these qualities.

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Hawaiian Healing Practice

The basic foundation for all areas of pursuit such as healing the body, mind, or soul is to strive towards a conflict-free life, clearing the path or relationship of any imbalances created or unwanted burdens or problems accumulated. Ho’opono or ho’oponopono has been used effectively for many generations in Hawaii and it is one of the reasons why Hawaiians were able to live in harmony with each other on a small island for so long.

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Carol Hart

Ho`oponopono Practitioner

Carol has been practicing and teaching Ho`oponopono concepts after studying, observing, and practicing under the tutelage of Kumu Maka’ala Yates for many years. She conducts the Ho`oponopono ceremony in every Mana Lomi workshop she facilitates and also with her energy medicine clients because of its efficacy in changing lives. She is available to facilitate this healing with individuals, groups, and in classrooms. In-person and distance healing are also available.